Abstract impressionist painter Julien Léger

Born the 22nd of November, 1976, in the vicinity of Paris, I lived a better part of my life in Montpellier located in the south of France.

My artistic motivation was inspired by my grand-father, architect and painter; I studied the arts under his tutorship. Insatiable, I followed the flow of his language and involved myself with his paintings and drawings.

In 1997, I took the plunge and moved across the ocean to study architecture in Quebec, Canada at the University of Montreal and seven years later I would leave Quebec with my future wife Patricia Lopez. We would marry in my mother’s village of Lavérune, in the south of France, on the 10th of September, 2004.

After the wedding, we flew to New Caledonia in the south west pacific where I began a motivating journey. I explored and developed both the artistic and architecture distinctiveness of my chosen career path. In March of 2006 while living in the countryside of the Caledonia jungle, we found out that my wife was pregnant with our first child and decided to return to an urban life in Vancouver Canada.

Since we arrived, my creativity, both in architecture and painting has never been so high. Working out of my studio on Antique Alley, where the environment is an organized jumble of furniture, collectables, and curiosities from all eras, I cast my pieces in a storefront setting. My audience captures an invisible instant, a moment where the chaos organizes itself before their eyes.

I have organized several exhibitions of my previous and present work and am very well represented throughout private collections in British Columbia as well as several other countries.

I have painted these pieces for the pleasure of your senses.